Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina (YPPW)

  • Provide 6 visits to the dietitian FREE with no copay, no co-insurance, and no deductible for any diagnosis.  But you must enroll in the Member Health Partnership Program by calling 1-800-218-5295 prior to your appointment.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield State Health Plan PPO (YPYW)

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Federal Employee Program®

  • Provide 6 visits to the dietitian with copay and deductible with any diagnosis.  Contact FEP customer service to verify member’s eligibility at 1-800-222-4739
  • Members with diagnosis of bulemia or anorexia, or other eligible eating disorder are eligible for unlimited visits as long as they are necessary as part of the patient’s treatment plan.  6 visits are available at no cost to the member.  Subsequent visits are subject to the member’s copay or deductible.
  • Children between the ages of 5-17, who are in the 85th percentile or above for weight, and who are enrolled in the Jump for Life program, are covered for 6 medical nutrition therapy (MNT) visits per year.  The first 4 visits to an in-network provider are at no cost to the member.  The subsequent 2 visits are subject to copay or deductible.

All Blue Cross plans may vary and you will need to call your insurance company to verify nutrition coverage before your appointment.